Welcome to John Howard Society of Manitoba

Our Mission:

To address the causes and consequences of crime.


Our Vision:

Our vision is a safer and healthier community for all.


Our Practice:

We work primarily with men (18 and over), who have been or may be incarcerated, their families, victims of crime and the community to address the root causes of crime.  We offer programs, supports and resources, based on the principles of restorative justice, to our clients at their various stages of involvement with the justice system.

Our goal is to empower our clients, if found guilty, to take responsibility and be held accountable for the harm their actions have caused not just to the victims and the community but to themselves as well and to become engaged contributing members of society.

As well, we advocate on behalf of individual clients within the system and for effective, evidence-based and humane approaches to reducing crime and supporting those who are or have been in conflict with the law.


Artwork Credit:


We would like to thank the following artists who have contributed artwork to the John Howard Society Inside Scoop, which also appears on this site: 

Vince Currie;   Darren Brown;   Donald Sutherland